Our model

Ekistic Ventures is a group of urban problem-solvers who are actively cultivating a portfolio of disruptive companies that bring new solutions to critical urban problems. We invest our expertise and capital in entrepreneurs and young start-ups that have great ideas to make cities more efficient and equitable.

We scour the earth for the best solutions to critical urban problems. Our goal is to find the innovators and early stage companies that have unlocked a better strategy to tackle today’s most pressing challenges – new ways to use big data to make smarter decisions, make city streets safer, reduce traffic congestion, improve health and wellness, expand housing opportunity, increase transparency. If a company doesn’t already exist, we work with partners at the best academic and research institutions to create new ventures.

Once these companies join the Ekistic portfolio, we get to work reinforcing their technological architecture to ensure it is suitable for the businesses, consumers and governments who will deploy it. We also help refine the company’s strategic pitch, regulatory compliance and market approach to improve its chances for wide adoption in the world’s leading cities.

Our work only matters if leading companies, consumers and governments agree with the value of our offering. That’s why we work closely with big businesses, mayors, governors, and entrepreneurs around the globe to assess their most significant internal and external challenges and so that we can be on the lookout for the best solution. If that solution doesn’t exist, we will make it our mission to build it.


Mutual wins are the only wins.

Our success depends on the success of the technology and know-how of our portfolio companies. If our companies make nothing, we make nothing. In exchange for our services and capital, we take an equity stake in our portfolio companies so that our futures are linked.

Believe in the mission.

We become vested partners in small companies because we believe their innovations have the ability to change the way we live and make the world better for millions of people. We want to work with founders and CEOs who share that passion and see a social good as part of their mission.

Enlarge the pie.

New solutions to the world’s most pressing problems should expand opportunity and wealth, not take from one industry to build another. Our portfolio companies must be opening new markets, tapping new solutions, and unlocking new value.

Be entrepreneurs, not lobbyists.

We are focused on building a better product and ensuring it gets market penetration so that its benefits can be widespread. We do not charge a monthly fee and we do not count progress by the number of meetings we secure with bureaucrats for our portfolio companies. Our success is in helping take a great product to the next level and navigating it to adoption by consumers and governments.