Research Assistant

Ekistic seeks research assistants to work on a range of projects involving disruptive technologies that have the potential to improve quality of life in cities. We are an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in and builds our own companies to address these issues.Potential themes include data analytics, cyber security applications, the internet of things (IOT), urban transportation, food security, blockchain, and preserving affordable housing. Responsibilities include broad research into industries and competitors followed by a detailed understanding of the startup itself and its success factors. Most of this diligence is thematic rather than financial. Expect to work fluidly with the small team, where everyone adds input based on their own varied backgrounds and expertise.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Current student or recent graduate in a relevant field such as political science, urban studies, economics, finance, computer science, criminal justice, etc.
  • Research or work experience in urban policy, venture capital, government, politics, and/or finance
  • Proficient with Google apps
  • Professional writing skillsRelevant experience.

We are seeking diverse applicants with a variety of skills and backgrounds. All candidates with an interest in urban issues, technology, and/or specific subject areas mentioned above are encouraged to apply.

To submit an application, please send a resume and brief cover letter to with the subject line: Research Assistant

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